Electrically Conductive Foam

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Conductive foam (CF), a highly resilient Nickel-Copper plated polyurethane foam, is sandwiched between the knitted and non-woven conductive fabrics to form industry leading substrate for die-cut gaskets. CF material is ideal for applications that require surface conformity with excellent cavity-to-cavity EMI shielding, superior conductivity under low  compression  forces and better shielding effectiveness at very high frequencies. CF gaskets are precision die-cut with a back-layer of either conductive or non-conductive pressure-sensitive-adhesive (PSA).

The manufacturing and metal plating processes enhance the material integrity of the Conductive Foam and ensure excellent galvanic compatibility even for large surface applications like l/O gaskets. The through-conductivity achieved with CF increases the shielding effectiveness at high frequencies by shortening the return current path between the flanges.