Shielded Windows

• • •

Shielded Windows are designed for electronic displays, combining a high level of electromagnetic shielding with excellent contrast enhancement.

They are used to minimize radio frequency emissions generated by enclosed electronic equipment and to protect electronic equipment from electromagnetic interference arising from external sources.   


  • Up to70dB attenuation
  • In clear HSR (High Scratch Resistance) or selected coloured band pass filters to suit most displays
  • Available flat or curved
  • Excellent impact abrasion, heat and chemical resistance for Optolite Clear HSR
  • Light weight
  • Robust construction
  • Optional blackened wire mesh to reduce mesh reflections
  • Cast-in non-glare finishes to cut down front surface reflections
  • Micro-fine Mesh incorporated at any desired angle
  • Fabricated to customer requirements
  • Wide range of busbar termination options available